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Client Counseling & Advice

In human resource management, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Legal advice on labor and employment law issues should be an integral part of creating HR policies and other aspects of human resource decision making.

Too often, however, it is only after a charge of discrimination or lawsuit has been filed that management comes to view a human resource matter as one that required employment law advice.

By that time, much preventable damage may have already been done, making it much more costly to deal with the situation. It is far better for an employer to be proactive and oriented towards employment law compliance, so that litigation can be avoided or, if it occurs, can be effectively defended.

Practicing Preventive Employment Law

The attorneys of Harris Dowell Fisher & Young, L.C. all spend considerable time engaging in the practice of preventive law. We routinely provide employment law advice to assist our clients in making difficult employment decisions in ways that manage legal risk while achieving business objectives.

We do not view providing such HR and employment law counseling and advice as a sideline or distraction. To the contrary, we believe it is often the most important and valuable work we do. We give it the priority it deserves, understanding that employment situations often require prompt and well-informed response, analysis, advice, and action.

Such preventive employment law counseling and advice covers a wide range of subject matter, including, for example:

  • Reviewing and revising HR policies, procedures, and forms for hiring, firing, compensation, promotion, and other employment decisions.
  • Assessing and reducing the legal risk of individual employment decisions, especially termination of employment, and developing strategies for implementing such decisions.
  • Guiding employers in responding to employee complaints that could give rise to liability, such as those concerning alleged harassment.
  • Providing input concerning difficult employee disability, leave, and return-to-work issues.

How We Can Help

The attorneys of Harris Dowell Fisher & Young, L.C., have extensive experience with successfully assisting clients in all of the above areas.

Contact us to discuss how we may best assist you in this regard.

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