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Human Resources Training for Management

Human Resource training for management is critical because today’s managers must have a sufficient working knowledge of basic labor and employment law to be able to identify and avoid common problems and know when to raise more difficult or unusual issues and concerns with their superiors, HR department, and/or legal counsel.

All managers and supervisors should have a basic understanding of workplace harassment and discrimination laws in order to avoid and defuse situations that can lead to allegations of unlawful conduct. If that fails, they should have at least positioned the employer to best defend against such allegations.

Proper HR training can not only serve this preventive function, but also, under important Supreme Court cases, the fact that such training has been provided to managers can form an important part of an employer’s defense in harassment and discrimination lawsuits, particularly as to punitive damages.

Harassment-Prevention Training

Harassment training of supervisors is required under some states’ laws. Even where not required, it is very important as a practical matter.

It is also generally advisable that other employees receive some training regarding harassment prohibitions and the employer’s harassment-reporting procedures.

As with manager training, such basic training of rank-and-file employees can play a key role in the defense of harassment and discrimination litigation. It can also help prevent such litigation from arising, both by preventing unlawful conduct and by improving the effectiveness of internal remedial processes should such conduct occur.

Manager and Employee Training Must Strike an Appropriate Balance, To Raise Consciousness Without Unduly Encouraging Claims

It is important to provide properly balanced harassment and discrimination training. Training should emphasize the importance of avoiding conduct that might be viewed as harassing or discriminatory, without unduly encouraging claims by making it appear that it is easy for a complaining employee to make a valid case of harassment or discrimination. It should also not make employees unduly fearful of the consequences of normal interaction and employment decisionmaking.

How We Can Help

The attorneys of Harris Dowell Fisher & Young, L.C., regularly work with clients to develop and present appropriate management and employee training, scaled and tailored to the audience and the client’s needs and budget.

Additionally, we are happy to assist clients in evaluating commercially prepared training materials, such as videos or interactive computer training programs, to assess their suitability.

Contact us to discuss how we may best assist you in this regard.

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