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Legal Research & Writing

We have a strong commitment to thorough, efficient, and up-to-date legal research, and to outstanding legal writing.

The Importance of Legal Research and Writing

Labor and employment law is a complex, rapidly changing area of the law. A superior, up-to-date command of the law often provides the decisive edge.

The quality of written work is also a vital factor in success because much litigation in this area is in federal court, where many key decisions are based solely on written motions, without hearings or oral argument. Additionally, thorough legal research and clear and persuasive legal brief writing is essential to success in appellate court work in both state and federal court systems. Finally, thorough, well-written responses to agency investigations can go a long way towards avoiding litigation.

Experience Makes a Critical Difference in Legal Research and Writing

As with any other type of legal work, the skills required for top-notch legal research and writing take years to refine and perfect. Yet, at many law firms, research and writing is often delegated down the ladder to summer clerks, new associates, and even paralegals.

In contrast, at Harris Dowell Fisher & Young, L.C., we choose to use more experienced attorneys to perform the research and writing work at our firm, finding the benefit in improved quality and efficiency to be well worth the cost.

Research and Writing “Tools of the Trade”

Because we concentrate on labor and employment law, we have specialized resources that can provide an edge in producing quality and cost-effective legal research and writing. These include:

  • Specially priced access to essential research databases.
  • A library devoted specifically to labor and employment law.
  • A collection of research memoranda accumulated over more than 30 years.
  • A collection of briefs and court memoranda that include authorities and arguments on many recurring issues.
  • A collection of form documents, including written discovery and pleadings for litigation, employment policies, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, and severance agreements.

How We Can Help with Legal Research and Writing

In addition to offering our research and writing services as an essential element of overall client representation and employer defense, we make them available to other attorneys in private practice and corporate legal departments.

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