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Wage & Hour

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) governs:

  • Overtime compensation
  • Minimum wage
  • Child labor

In addition, many states have their own laws on these subjects, which typically expand coverage and protections of employees in some respects.

Overtime Law Issues

Litigation over overtime claims has grown in recent years, to become a major part of the practice of employment law.

Critical overtime-related issues under the FLSA include:

  • Determining which employees are exempt from the overtime law requirements, and which are non-exempt
  • Avoiding actions that might cause the loss of overtime law exemptions
  • Determining when non-work activities such as travel and being on call must be counted as hours worked for overtime purposes
  • Determining the correct rate of pay for calculation of overtime pay premiums where pay varies from week to week due to factors such as payment of bonuses, commissions, or piece rates.

Other Wage and Hour Laws

Several other federal laws — the Service Contract Act, the Davis Bacon Act, and the Walsh Healey Act — establish minimum wage and benefit standards for employees performing work under federal contracts.

There are also state prevailing wage laws establishing minimum wage and benefit standards for employees performing work under state contracts.

How We Can Help

The attorneys of Harris Dowell Fisher & Young, L.C., assist clients in complying with these wage and hour laws, and in responding to agency investigations and defending litigation concerning them.

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