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Illinois Comp Bill would help Employers/Insurers manage Claimants’ opioid usage

Illinois Legislative Update: House Bill 5240 ( click here to read it) would amend the Workers’ Compensation Act by requiring a claimant who receives certain pain management medication to sign a written agreement with the prescribing physician agreeing to comply with the conditions of the prescription. Prohibits additional prescriptions while the recipient is non-compliant. Limits Read More

IL Workers Comp: Court of Appeals Articulates Standard for Aggravation of Pre-Existing Conditions

Regarding: Schroeder v. IWCC (2017). So many claims hinge on whether the Petitioner’s condition was caused by the alleged work accident or a pre-existing condition. The attached August decision from the Illinois Court of Appeals is not a statement of any new legal standard, but it does contain a clear and concise explanation of how Read More

IL Workers Comp: Court of Appeals Affirms “No Greater Risk” defense

The Illinois Court of Appeals reached a decision in the attached case of Dukich v. IWCC on September 19, 2017, affirming the “No Greater Risk” defense. The Court of Appeals held that where the employer’s parking lot was free of any ice or snow and had no defects on the paved surface where the claimant Read More