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Missouri Industrial Commission affirms award to police officer for off-duty fitness training injury

Austin Reiter v. Kansas City Police Department, April 12, 2018 (click HERE to read the entire decision) A Kansas City Police Officer fell and injured his knee while participating in an off-duty activity that involved running through an obstacle course.  If officers could demonstrate a proficiency in navigating the obstacle course within a specific time frame, Read More

MO Supreme Court All But Eliminates Co-Employee Liability

Update on Missouri Comp/Liability law Less than two years after leaving open a narrow window for injured employees to sue their co-workers for injuries sustained at work, the Missouri Supreme Court may have all but closed it. On March 6, 2018, the Missouri Supreme Court issued three opinions in cases involving four injured workers who Read More

MO Workers Comp: Claimant found permanently and totally disabled from changing bed sheets

On January 30, 2018, the Industrial Commission handed down an  appalling decision in Kalajdzic v. St. Louis Children’s Hospital (January 30, 2018).  (To read the decision, click HERE ) Claimant alleges she was injured changing bed sheets and underwent lumbar disc surgery. She also alleged that she had psychiatric issues due to ongoing complaints of Read More

MO Workers Comp: Court of Appeals Affirms Horseplay is NOT Compensable

The Missouri Court of Appeals rendered a decision on June 29, 2017,  in the case of Hedrick v. Big O Tires – – concluding that horseplay injuries are NOT compensable. Claimant was engaging in horseplay when he intentionally set a can of clue on fire. The can exploded and claimant was injured. The focus of Read More

MO Workers Comp: Injuries While Playing Basketball on Break found Compensable

In Gruender v. University of MO (September 2017), the Commission held that claimant’s injuries that occurred while on a break – — WHILE PLAYING BASKETBALL, are compensable. Why? Two reasons: 1. She was injured during a paid break, and 2. She was wearing NON-SLIP SHOES (insert joke here) required by the employer, and since she Read More

MO Workers Comp: Supreme Court upholds “unusual and extraordinary” test

September 12, 2017, the MO Supreme Court issues its ruling in Mantia v. MO Dept. of Transportation. Quick background: Mantia’s job as an accident investigator often exposed her to bodies of those were killed in automobile accidents. This is what is called a “mental – mental” claim…no physical injury, but mental injury arising out of Read More

Missouri: Using Workers Compensation Legal ABC’s To Stay Out of Hot Water

A.    How Claims Work Which Employers are Covered Under the Missouri Workers Compensation Act? The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law applies to employers with 5 or more employees and “construction industry” employers with 1 employee or more.  §287.030, RSMo. Under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law, an employee who suffers an injury or contracts an occupational Read More